Getting Started with a Blog – Step 1- Domain Names & Web Hosting Recommendations

Getting Started with a Blog – Step 1- Domain Names & Web Hosting RecommendationsIf you are ready to purchase a domain name and get a web presence (which will require both a domain name + web hosting) I’d like to give you a few tips and save you some time and money. I’ve been doing this for over 14 years (back when there was only one place to buy a domain at Network Solutions!) and you needed a technical background to get your domain, server, and website up and running. Times have changed, and it is easier than ever to buy a domain + hosting, but unfortunately now it becomes a buyer beware situation for the customer. It is much easier to do things with a reputable companies, and I’d like to help you get this done easily and inexpensively.

Today, although there are several companies offering domains + hosting, I want you to make your purchases wisely and actually own and understand them. Lately, working with clients who have tried to do their best on their own before they hired me, in which I had to unfold the puzzle of affiliates registrars, sub-registars, and the process of getting their hosting or domain moved was quite time consuming and frustrating due to lack of control over domain locking, having the correct rights to your domain, etc. Here’s the basics on how to do it easily and effectively from the start.

The Basics: What is a domain name, and where do I purchase one?

A domain name is simply a user-friendly name with an extension like .com at the end used for blogs or websites. (For example, one of my personal scrapbook sites is The domain name when typed in a web browser will be routed to your web hosting account that displays your blog/website. There are many technical aspects of IP addresses, DNS networks, etc. but you don’t need to know how the domain really works for you to get your domain purchased and working. I recommend everyone having ownership of their name and business name if they are still available.

Where do I recommend to buy your domain and hosting at?

Why? It is a bit confusing on where you purchase domains reputably, making sure they are in YOUR name as the registrant, and that you have complete control over all aspects of it (DNS, being able to lock or unlock it, etc.), finding great customer service, and being confident you are getting it at the lowest cost possible.

Find your domain by simply do a free search at what is available and always try to purchase a .com address (.com was originally established for businesses: .com=commercial, .net=network, .org=non-profit organization). There are several other extensions including several country ones (.ca=Canada for example), and although you may or may not be a business, get a .com address if it is available! It is the easiest, most recognizable, standardized extension. In fact, you can get both your domain and hosting together…

Next Step: Getting your domain + web hosting set up

After you purchase your domain and hosting package at you are set!

From experience, this is the easiest setup of hosting I have found in my many years as a designer. It’s important to not only have a highly secure host, but one that is reliable, has great customer service, and you can easily navigate your options and DIY options in your account. I currently host under DreamHost and their interface is so clean and professional, I can host several domains under the same account for one price, I pay only about $10/month, have unlimited disk space and bandwidth so I never have to pay additional fees or are forced to upgrade, plus you can install WordPress and other robust applications by simply doing a “one-click” installation. It can’t get easier to get started. Seriously!

(Links in this post are affiliate links, which do not in any way make you pay more for the services, but it’s like the companies are giving me an little tip for my years of knowledge because I chose to share and recommend them with you. I use DreamHost myself and truly want to promote them because they are the best! I hope this post helped you, and if it did and you sign up with my links above, I will get a few bucks to send my kiddo some money to eat at college while you got the free help you needed on your domain and hosting inquiries. No need to put in a referring name or anything additional when you’re checking out there. Thank you so much!)

If you’d like help on setting up your blog, need a logo or graphics for your new site please contact me. I’d be happy to help!

Did you finally take the plunge on your domain and hosting? Yay! I also have several design packages to get you everything you need if you are ready to get going today on having me design a new bog for you. You simply put down a deposit and I get started immediately. You got this!