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*Note: I am not accepting new clients at this time.*

Hi there! I’m Terri Bradford and I have been a home-based freelance designer for over 14 years. I specialize in small business and personal blog customizations, web design, blogs, and logo and graphic design. I have an incredible passion for the scrapbooking, papercrafting, and music industries and love designing for creatives.

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My Design Story – A Timeline

I want to encourage you to get to know me before you make a commitment with your time and money as we’ll be making a team effort on your new design!  I know you will see the value in having a quality, experienced designer, who supports her family with her design income and believes the foundation to any successful business is a strong sense of integrity and authenticity.

When you hire me to design for you I do everything myself – from start to finish – from domain and email setup, hosting and WordPress installation, custom websites, logo design, graphics, CSS, HTML, WordPress theme installations and customizations, social media marketing, SEO, and more.

Over the past 14 years there has been immense change in the online world. I’ve been designing, actively growing my skill sets with the latest technology updates and trends, alongside raising a family and living life. Here’s my journey.

1999: My husband recently had finished his Army enlistment, so we were excited to head back to Colorado with our baby son, Bailey, to start a civilian life.

To make extra income I decided to sell my handcrafted photo books online. I spent several weeks learning HTML on my own through books and the limited references online, and back in 1998 websites were extremely limited on design and functionality.

This launched the time when I officially fell in love with technology. I found myself wanting to learn even more and go back to college to explore web design.

I can’t tell you how many hours I spent juggling schoolwork while taking care of a toddler, but I was determined to finish a degree. You see, my husband and I were married young (18 and 19 respectively) in 1994, and then I had Bailey in 1997 while we were stationed in Ft. Lewis, WA. I had taken several classes on the Army bases, but after moving so many times my credits didn’t transfer well and I couldn’t finish while he was deployed. I was excited to be able to get my degree and have a new career path.

2002: During my last semester of school I decided to get a portfolio up and running for myself. I went to a local scrapbooking store and asked them to let me create them a website – for free mind you – so I could get some experience needed and break into the design world.

Thankfully, they agreed. This was the hardest thing to put myself out there and the best decision I have ever made to invest in myself.

I jumped head first into learning the design side of things to mesh my coding knowledge to create that site. This snowballed into several local scrapbooking stores agreeing to have me create them their first website, and started to do monthly maintenance (this was necessary before all the blogs and WYSIWYG editors we now have).

I graduated from a technical school with an AAS in Internet Information Systems. The hard work paid off – and long hours of work, school, and a toddler – I was able to maintain straight A’s and was the Salutatorian of my class. I finally did it, and I was so proud of myself for sticking with it! I managed to really love the graphic design side of things as well and I continued to teach myself the Adobe suite of products (which at that time we actually owned by Macromedia), including Fireworks, Dreamweaver, and Photoshop.

2002-2008: The BIG BOOM of the scrapbooking world hit.

After I created my own first freelance site here at bradfordwebdesigns.com, I was contacted by a kit club in 2003. After creating their website and it launched, there was a huge rush of new scrapbooking kit clubs. I had the pleasure with working and designing (from the ground up) so many of those very first kit club websites. I took on the photography of monthly kits as well as the updates to the websites each month which consumed the last and first week of each month at that time. I also designed for scrapbooking-for-others businesses and scrapbook consultants.

I found a common bond with so many mothers wanting to make a business online to help support their family, and understood this first-hand. I found myself working so many hours, and so very grateful that I was able to stay home and attend my son’s school functions, help him with homework, still make my family my top priority, make money to feed my family and build a career, and ultimately gave this to every single client I worked with as well.

My son was in elementary, then middle school during this time, and because of my online home-based designing I was able to give him the extra attention he needed. He was reading at about the age of 3, and during Kindergarten his teacher took me aside one day and told me he was not only reading, but several years ahead of his peers. I was told to get him tested, and he was found to be gifted and talented. That reinforced that motherly instinct that I wanted to make sure his schooling and life always came first – this made everyday I worked at home mean so much more to me than just money and I was continually grateful for each new client that came my way.

2009-2013: The BIG scrapbooking and economic world changes.

Stores were closing left and right locally, large retailers online were closing, and I felt the painful shift of the scrapbooking world that I loved and invested so much in.

I’m still here. I’m still designing, yet things have taken a big shift. Kit clubs are starting to reinvent themselves with mini album kits, cardmaking kits, scrapbook layout kits, all with instructions for a new crowd of papercrafters. Things started to slowly change over from full blown custom websites to customization of blog designs with WordPress and Blogger platforms. Again, I taught myself the new world of these platforms and adapted my design and pricing. I sadly also needed to work full-time “on the side” in addition to doing all the web design and maintenance on my client’s sites – but it only lasted a year. I couldn’t keep up.

I also noticed a need online for a good resource for customers trying to find a list of kit clubs and what they offer each month. I started ScrapClubs.com Kit Club Directory to help my client’s kit clubs get some extra help and connect to their customers. I update this site almost daily with the newest products that kit clubs, stamping kits, papercrafting and cardmaking kits, creative news, and What’s Inside Videos in conjunction with my CreateScrapbooks.com personal blog and YouTube Channel. I decided to give my web design clients get the extra perks of receiving FREE advertising on this #1 Google ranking site! Also, my connections with my social media extensions and the popularity of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, I promote my clients and advertisers every single month in ALL of these social media channels. There is also paid advertising and video creation for non-clients as well (see the ScrapClubs advertising information here).

Bailey was now in high school. We don’t have the typical mother-son relationship… it’s closer than I ever imagined it would be. I know that dropping him off everyday at school and picking him up, being able to go to all his parent-teacher conferences, volunteer at school, homework, band, and being there for him because of my flexibility with my job has solidified my desire to still freelance from home. I am putting weekly work into maintaining ScrapClubs.com and CreateScrapbooks.com and gaining advertisers and doing several What’s Inside Videos each month.

2014-now: Creatives still create! There is still a need for websites, graphic design, and social media help – but creatives would like to be able to update and maintain their own site after the initial creation or redesign. This makes sense and is a great advancement that after launch with a WordPress site the user can easily maintain their own site. I’ve updated my web design packages once again to reflect the newest technology and offerings.

This freed me up to start investing more and more time and effort into YouTube –  for not only business but personal enjoyment. I have over 3,500 subscribers and growing daily. It is a fantastic outlet for me to connect to creatives on a personal level, promote kit clubs and products I love, promote scrapbooking, stamping, memory keeping, and the ever-growing and expanding papercrafting industry. It’s hard to be home all day and want to connect with others and YouTube allows me to share and meet so many new people. I use all of my graphic design experience to create graphics for my videos, use my photography and video editing skills, update and promote some really awesome kit clubs (and the women behind them!) and I get to share this fabulous hobby on my own terms. The possibilities are really endless. Still!

I am SO very grateful to have been able to have had the flexibility of my job working from home (although it was not easy sticking with web design and the scrapbooking world through all these changes over 14 years!)

Changes are here. Bailey is headed on an awesome scholarship (he worked so hard for this!) at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. the fall of 2015. What is so very cool is that Bailey has really taken an interest in graphic design and I’ve taught him a lot over the past few years (especially in the Adobe Suite of products)  that he has used to his advantage for school and community projects. I am so happy he loves to create digitally and that we have that connection. He has a great classic-yet-edgy style. He plans to double major in Government and Economics. I’m not sure what I’ll do with myself since he’ll be so far away! Also, Trevor and I just celebrated our 20th Anniversary! I am blessed with these two guys in my life. If you want to see my family that I am so very proud of, as you probably have noticed by now, check out my YouTube videos or my Instagram accounts. 

So, how can I help you?

If you’ve found a connection with me and want to work with me please feel free to contact me here. It’s that simple. I work one-on-one with you throughout the entire process. I’ve got the experience and dedication to really understand what you need and suggestions for you to start your business off right. Hiring an experienced designer can free your time and energy to do what you LOVE and excel at, and lets you focus on your product, customers, and life. Yes, it’s an investment in money and time, but it is an investment that can have an immediate and ongoing future gain.

I can tell you there IS room for your creative company online – every business has its unique qualities and customer base – and don’t get sidetracked on this. Move forward and create your online presence and invest in yourself. You can always change and move forward (like I have!) but you have to START.

I’ve got packages that fit 99% of all customized business or personal blogs put together for you already here.